The Restore Initiative

Local craftsmen are the backbone of rural village communities. In any village, there are expert woodworkers, hunters, rice planters, house builders, butchers, local doctors, cooks, bricklayers, thatcher's, weavers and agriculturalists. These community level vocations have maintained economic equilibrium over time. However, with the far reaching effects of globalization in an increasingly interconnected world, the cost of living has risen pushing villagers beyond their current means to meet their basic needs. This has led many villagers to find work elsewhere, leading to both urbanization and international migration. There are however, a majority of these local vocationers who have access to land and desire make ends meet. The Restore Initiative began with a group of interested develop minded villagers who decided to take ownership in solving various community issues.


  • We desire to see villagers have the opportunity and the means to meet their basic needs.

  • We hope to utilize the cultural social dynamics to ensure co-operation and proper accountability in our partnerships.

  • We hope that someday our partnerships can turn into co-operatives with the villagers that can become a catalyst in stimulating local economies.

  • We seek to create environments through these partnerships where we can foster informal education and discipleship for interested youth and aspiring agriculturalists.

  • We hope to foster opportunities for higher association and exchange.

  • We desire to see the revitalization of local cottage industries and the collaboration of craftsmen.