The Life Center

Northern Thailand has seen a fluctuating tide of drugs in and among the local communities for many years now. The group most vulnerable and prone to addiction are youth.  Many youth come from broken homes, where they have experienced neglect, loneliness, depressions, low self-esteem and various forms of addiction. All of these habits have led to some degree of discord in their households and communities. Tatupa, a local Karen man, decided to start a bible school for those coming from backgrounds of addiction 12 years ago. Although many of these young men have been outcast from their own community, Tatupa and his wife Tatumo have opened up their home, dedicated time and resources into the lives of these young men to see true transformation happen.


  • We hope to give access to foundational biblical knowledge to anyone who has a desire to know it in a way that can be practical and meaningful.
  • We focus on discipleship and we live with our students for five months out of the year, we strive to model leadership and desire to see our students go forth and make disciples.
  • We hope to see students have the ability to overcome their addictions in order to become a meaningful and productive assets to the greater Thai society. 
  • We desire to supplement foreign funding with income from small scale agriculture projects in and around the center.
  • We seek to maintain a community center for the enjoyment and empowerment of the surrounding community.