We believe that those in poverty are worth more than just our money, they are worth our time, our friendship and our lives. We seek to collaborate with our neighbors in a holistic and relational way.

Partnership Philosophy

Short- term and Long -Term Volunteer Opportunities


                                     Bridge Builders                                                                                  Community Collaborators

Those with gifts in social insights, asset recognition and social interaction are vital into doing the necessary footwork to understand and highlight assets in our local partners community. In one sense, the Bridge Builder must collaborate with local partner communities to learn existing and possible community assets. Bridge Builders seek to understand community assets through research, participation and organic relationships.

Those gifted in areas of social organization and program development encourage communities to utilize existing local assets for development. The Community Collaborators goal is to strengthen existing cottage industries with the guidance of the Bridge Builder, and local collaborators. These investments also provide platforms for craftsmen to exchange and interact with local communities through community owned cooperative ventures.

                        Community Relations                                                                                     Crafts Consultants

In some cases wounds run deep and community relations are so bad that collaboration and development on an organizational level is just not possible. In this case, those who those with a keen insight on human behavior and relationship dynamics are vital to fostering opportunities for community led reconciliation efforts. The opportunity for communities to come together around things they love is key to bringing healing to a fractured community.

Craft Consultants are the culmination of Project:Restores approach to rural development. Exchange of desired trades are essential for creating lasting, influential relationships among our neighbors. Our local partners do just that, they give dignity to what it means to be a farmer, a leader or even to be a day laborer. These are all “tools” our partners use to connect with and equip their own people. Often times, it is through these organic exchanges that open ended possibilities community revitalization take place. Those with skills in vital trades are encouraged to come and create opportunities for cooperation.

Chief Administrator

The Chief Administrator is the base of Project:Restore. The Chief Administrator works in terms of generalities, connecting with donors, organizations, the government, on an organizational level, communicating crucial information to local teams. Chief Administrators operate based on the Principle of Subsidiarity which states, "nothing should be done by a larger unit of organization that cannot be done as well by a smaller and more simpler organization."  Therefore this position exists to administrate rather than to regulate partner activities.