The Principals

Development Begins with the Heart

In theory, scarcity and exchange value have a degree of influence on human behavior in creating a basis rules for supply and demand. What we consider desirable can factor into our decisions to collaborate and exchange with others. This fact, among others, profoundly affects our end goals, and the means we use to reach them. As outsiders interested in serving, understanding the heart of a community through trust is essential in joining the processes of ongoing- development.

Needs-based vs Asset-based development

Unlike the large multinational organizations which understand reality through numbers and deficits, Project:Restore seeks to understand our neighbors by living among them, highlighting assets and encouraging collaboration.

Rather than becoming the answer for a problem, we seek to learn with our local partners to enable them to better serve their communities.

Our Response

We believe development is socioeconomic activity in motion. In rural Thailand, these processes are ongoing and center around inputs into the means of production. Joining the processes of ongoing development is a great way to identify with our neighbors and promote the health and well-being of these communities.

Development is Ongoing

Innovation often comes with a hefty price tag. Appropriate technologies provide advantages and opportunities for lower income communities to be able to live within their means, and meet their basic needs.



Because we believe all mankind has incredible inherent value, proximity is an important factor in learning to better understand our neighbor. By walking alongside our partner communities, we learn what it means to truly identify with local communities.

Capacity Building

The ability to highlight local assets takes time, relationships and great diligence. Focusing on the inputs of production of existing cottage industry vocations provides opportunities for exchange to take place. Collaboration is the heart of healthy socioeconomic activities.

Higher Association

Project:Restore is a network of organic and voluntary associations of committed individuals and communities that would like to see their rural communities thrive from the inside out. These organic, grassroots structures exist to promote standards of higher association among local communities.